Wiki of senpai

Game: Osu!

osu is a game where you actually just click
circles as you complete the beatmap on the
As their is a variaty of different beatmaps
and songs withing from vocolaid to high tech music
as their are plenty but plenty different
and cool beatmaps makers
and as they make the beatmaps you can play
for plenty but plenty hours and learn
new genres of music but you asking why
this game is standing in one of my favorite games?
well mostly cause the though of thinking fast and the movemnt
skill you need to produce for clicking the circle on time
as you grind for higher and diffuclter maps
as you learn aswell how to do jumps and streams
while you aswell have the power to beat much
more diffuculter maps at the same time
I will tell more later aswell and talk about
my career in the osu!-comminity
so see you until then